Photo artist. No studio. Just out there photographing in your home, your backyard, your neighborhood…


This is cute 3 year old Amie. She's my friends granddaughter and this fabulous sofa is in her living room. I love to use benches, sofas and interesting furniture for props.

My niece and nephew. I took this outside on my back desk and used black and white fabric for the backdrop.

Here the kids jumped up on their parents dresser that's by a window. Loved the outcome.


This was a fun experimental project. I had Paloma stand on a stool and pretend like she was flying in the air. Then my assistant, her mother, held up her favorite things, an iPhone and the Peter Rabbit book.

This beautiful backdrop is actually a pear tree during peak foliage. Yes, it was a little nippy, but we managed to work fast.

This is 1 year old Kendall. Super cute and on her grandmother's sofa. Again, the furniture prop is a favorite look of mine.


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