Photo artist. No studio. Just out there photographing in your home, your backyard, your neighborhood…



This is Po, the Garfield look-a-like. The photo makes me laugh.

This is Sydney, an Ocicat (his mother is the late fat Gorgie in other photos). He almost died in 2010 from fatty liver disease. He made it through a tough battle, but now a diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day. He is super sweet and thankful to be alive!

This is Kaya. She's a beautiful 2 year old golden retriever lab mix. The owner of her golden mother is a successful actress in Hollywood (not telling who). I took this shot inside by a window and tossed a black throw over a chair.


Fajita was about to take a run for it when I took this shot. Hence, the ears are a good give-away.

This is Lilly. The beagle that was found in a field as a puppy as mentioned prior. Once again I'm using a black throw I bought for $10 at a home goods store. Most of my props for shots are things I find on a whim.

These are my friend Sandy's four pets. Po (yellow cat) is a 10 year old Garfield look-alike. Bentley (the gray tabby/siamese mix) is 4 years old and is happiest when hunting outdoors. Lilly (beagle) is 6 years old and was a drop off in a field as a newborn puppy. Livia (unknown mix) is a very loving perpetual puppy and estimated to be 6 years old and adopted after being found on the streets.


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