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Christmas Photo Cards

My custom-custom photo Christmas cards.

My very own card.

My parents cute cockapoo. I turned this into a watercolor and used linen paper for a classic look.

My friends kids were very cooperative when I brought out the tree trimmings. Note the family pets in the scene.

We all gasped for air when this lab mix, Myra, popped up an ear while I was shooting. The quote was an ingenious idea from the family.

My famous cat Gorgie (pronounced Georgie).

Trying to do a little Norman Rockwell look here. My friend's tree was so tall I had to shoot from the floor to fit it all in. Note the slight sway at the top.

This made the inside of the card folding in the middle. It was not the plan but so funny as the parents were trying to get all four pets in the photo with the kids and then step out of the way.

Yes, that's right. You see two standard poodles in a Jaguar. Blueberry is driving and Scout is in the back while my sister and her husband are off to the side tweaking as I'm clicking.

My niece and her children. I took this outside and the background is simply a large cut of fabric.

That's my Kodi boy cooking in the kitchen.

My sister and her husband and Blueberry! I love this shot!



Here are some of my favorite family group shots.

The backdrop is a garage door. I was looking for shade and found the spot for this cute family portrait of my niece Jennifer and her family, the Hatton's.


The boats in drydock made a great colorful backdrop for this Annapolis, Maryland family.

Here is my friend Kris (2nd from left) and her family the Shellum's. It's always challenging to get the pets in the shot, but we managed to do it!

The restored old Ford truck was a great prop for this family portrait. That's my brother (front right) and his family, the Gardner's. My parents took this Ford on their honeymoon!